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Decisions Plus


HRMS offer a way to expand on the idea of delivering HR information to employees with a set of tools designed to deliver services more successfully and keep employees engaged. HRMS enable the function to be more strategic, improve productivity and increase employee satisfaction. This system can be used to efficiently manage the HR needs of an organization even as businesses grow and requirements change. It is built to help automate the activities of Personnel & Administration departments.

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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Key for ensuring overall success of the organization.

  • Comprehensive solution for managing the workforce.
  • Strengthened HR processes within the organization.
  • Better Employee Connect through Self Service Portal.
  • Powerful querying and reporting features.
  • Robust but easy-to-use Payroll package.
  • Labor law compliant.
Automobile Dealership Management System
Decisions Plus


Decisions Plus ERP- ADMS is a fully customized integrated web enabled software for Small scale and Large scale Automobile Dealerships. The module starts with Vehicle Dispatch from principal, Yard Receipt, Vehicle Transfer, Delivery at Invoice, File Closing, Stock Ageing, and Various Reports & Analysis. Enquiry Entry by Sales execs, Enquiry verification by Tele-callers, Enquiry Post Follow up by Tele-caller calling, Status updation, Various Reports, Booking , Allotment & Sales, Order Booking, Booking confirmation message (SMS), Payment Details, Allotment, Registration Request & Docs to RTO, Delivery Allotment, Sales Billing, Discount deviation alerts, Various reports & Analysis, Sales Incentive, Incentive settings, Incentive processing.

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The best services ever

  • Expert Service & Lowers Risks
  • Save Time & Cost to the Management
  • Data Security & Process
  • Employees’ Individual ITR Filing
Decisions Plus


Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP] solutions offer a way to expand on the idea of delivering core business process information through a set of software tools designed to maximize productivity and yield best results. It enables the organization and the management to be more strategic with its operations. The various functions of the Decisions Plus ERP are seamlessly integrated through various modules within the system.

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Manufacturing and Processing

Enterprise Resource Planning

Effortlessly manages information

  • Comprehensive solution for managing the Industry.
  • Integrated business processes.
  • One central database with no duplication of data.
  • A single ‘view of the truth’
  • Easy-to-use, powerful reporting across the whole suite